Does Thailand Like the Empire More than the Rebel Alliance?

I have to admit I’m kind of a Star Wars fan. I’ve seen all six films more times than I can remember and am really looking forward to Episode VII next year. Disney Interactive made a new mobile game called Star Wars: Commander and in that game you decide whether you want to play on the side of the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. They just passed 5 million downloads of the game and published an infographic that shows how many people have chosen which side, broken down by country.

I was really surprised to see that here in Thailand, more people chose to play the side of the Empire than the Rebels, but to be fair it’s not that big of a difference. Take a look at the whole chart to see how players in different countries are “voting” with their choices (click on the image to make it bigger).

Star Wars Commander Info

Image courtesy of’s Star Wars: Commander Cheats page.

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