Insomnia Here I Come – Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

I have been meaning to download Candy Crush Saga, you know that awfully amazing game everyone is talking about. Yes, so I finally got around downloading the game during our departmental meeting last Friday. All I can say is, wow! I have been playing the game every day since then. Generally I cannot say am an avid fan of games but this one might make me one soon. Every single minute I am free I am on my Samsung Galaxy playing away.

I came to find out about the game from my friend and I started by playing it on Facebook. Well, apparently the game is more popular than I thought with more than 46million players every month. I confess I am guilty, I am one of the 46million- or rather I used to be. After playing for two days on Facebook, I felt Facebook was not really convenient for me so I downloaded the game on my phone.

One thing I especially adore about Candy Crush Saga is the feature of the special candies. Even though I have played the game for only a week, I feel like an expert- but do I say? Let me enlighten you about those striped candies, color bombs and wrapped candies. I played around fifty levels before I discovered the color bomb. Of course I was noticing the highly colorful brown candy every time I made a row of five matching candies- I did not know what it was. I have to tell you that since I found out its special effects, I have become a huge fan. I am constantly forcing an arrangement of five like candies.

My friend- thank God we do not work in the same department, no work would get done- showed me how to switch the special candies for better results. Honestly, I would never have known that switching a color bomb with another color bomb would result in a nuclear blast that clears out the whole board. You can also detonate a certain color by switching a color bomb with a wrapped candy. This usually causes all the candies of the same color as the wrapped candy to be cleared out.

What I hate is the obstacles! Sometimes I think they are just so annoying and being the paranoid person I am, I even believe the game is against me. But still at the same time, they make the game interesting. You should see how excited I get when I clear away those pesky chocolates with my new-found color bomb switching skills. The one obstacle I find to be beyond my power is that bomb that blows up when the move count strikes zero. It makes me feel so helpless. All in all, Candy Crush Saga is irresistible and I am looking forward to an insomnia-packed weekend playing the new addition: Dreamworld.

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