Practicing my yoga poses


I’ve been enjoying a lot of time off recently and as a result I’ve had lots of time to practice some new yoga poses. I started yoga several years ago but there aren’t as many places to go to classes here that are convenient. So I do most of my yoga by myself at the beach. The only downside is that with no instructor, it’s hard to get feedback on whether I’m doing the poses correctly. I found some great pose guides at places like and on Yoga Journal. The Yoga Journal site has a really great database of poses.

Child's Pose (Yoga)

Child’s Pose is my favorite resting pose in yoga.

I still can’t do many of the really complicated poses, but I’m well past the basics like Warrior Pose, Downward Facing Dog and Cobra Pose. Although I still really like Child’s Pose or Corpse pose from time-to-time, especially when resting and just taking the time to meditate and be at peace.

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