Your Guide to CouchTuner Alternatives

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There are many websites like CouchTuner who that help with watching your favorite television content online. Whether is music, TV shows, documentaries, or movies or websites like CouchTuner are able to fulfill in just one click all our media needs. We will take a closer look to some of these websites similar to CouchTuner in order to make easier for you choosing your entertainment source. You should not encounter any issue while navigating them, since they work just like CouchTuner.


Hulu Screenshot

This is one of the great places to enjoy high definition streaming of TV shows online. Hulu is an easy to use platform that provides you all of the latest TV series and movies, including classic and new shows alike. Hulu works without showing any adds and everything is available in HD and full screen.

Similar Shows

Similar Shows

Similar Shows is another good place to go online in case that you want to watch TV series online. Their lists deliver quality choices, allowing users to find shows similar to other series. For example, in case that you love The Vampire Diaries, you will be able to quickly find many other series just like it. The site also provides you with lots of useful information, including links where you can stream all listed content via mobile devices or directly online.

The Dare TV

The Dare TV

Another site that works similar to CouchTuner is called The Dare TV. The website provides a great database and collection of movies with prime focus upon TV shows. The site is totally free to use and you are not required to sign in before accessing its content. However, you need to register on the website in case that you want to keep updated with the TV schedule. You have the possibility to select your favorite genres among the movies and TV shows. This site also provides a database of Live sports. The Dare TV provides you what you want whether you are looking for old TV shows or you are looking for a new released TV series online. This is definitely a great place to go for streaming your favorite movies and shows.



Among sites like CouchTuner, Cucirca is completely and solely dedicated only to TV shows. Signing up to the site is not compulsory. However, if you subscribe to the site you can keep updated with the uploading of new episodes. Similar to sites like CouchTuner, Cucirca is keeping a vast database of endless TV shows collections. However, the navigation on the site is not intuitive because, rather than pictures, accessing the TV shows follows text links. Despite that, Cucirca is one of the top rated sites like CouchTuner because of it huge collection of TV shows to stream. Their list-like appearance could be even an advantage, making finding the TV shows easier. In addition, they keep ads on the low side.

Series Cravings

Series Cravings Screenshots

On the list of sites like CouchTuner, Series Cravings is another important addition. As the name suggests, this site is completely dedicated to TV series and TV shows. The site does a good job when it comes to looks and ease of accessing. The navigation is made easy by the fact that all the TV shows feature images. The site even features a TV schedule that helps you to know when a particular show or episode will be uploaded on site.

The Series Online

This is one of the best options among the sites like CouchTuner. They provide one of the richest databases that contain not only TV shows but movies as well. In fact, this is among the most browsed sites like CouchTuner. There are various sections that help you find your favorite movies on various categories. The access on the site is comfortable and the access to movies and TV shows can be also done through images. The registration is optional but it might be useful in case that you want to keep updated about new TV show uploads on the site. SeriesOnline comes with a very simple layout. All of the TV series to be found on the site are listed in the right sidebar. You will be provided with lots of links once you click on a series.

Select TV

Select TV is a site that provides the whole package of entertainment. It requires membership and paying a subscription fee of $2 per month in order to get access to specific services. Aside of movies and TV series, it also feature games, events and radio channels. The user friendly site is really easy to access.

Café Movie

Café Movie carries a great collection of excellent TV shows and movies. The site is free but it requires registration. You get access to great TV shows on this site, available in various languages. The content is organized on categories by years and genres in order to help you refine the search.


This site is providing nonstop entertainment selected from a large library. The registration on this site can be done for free. TubiTV provides its own application for iOS and Android mobile devices.


Project Free TV only allows users to watch TV shows. Presenting the content sticks only with the links, the site not featuring any images. However, they offer a really vast and good database. The TV shows are not organized on genres but users still get recently uploaded and popular categories. The ProjectFree TV website works as a medium between third party media streamers and viewers. All the videos are streamed from a different source and none of the content belongs to the site.


CouchTuner is considered to be one of the top online movie streaming sites. For those who enjoy watching TV shows and movies online, it is interesting to know what other alternatives to CouchTuner are out there. In order to facilitate your selection decision we made a list of the best sites like CouchTuner. With most of these choices, you don’t even need to spend any money in order to enjoy streaming online and the content provided on these websites is easy to watch.

One of the downsides of using online streaming on CouchTuner is that you don’t always get access to the latest TV shows and movies because they don’t have the largest selection available. For this reason, it is useful to have good alternatives to CouchTuner to browse.

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